Stop Crime.

Police Neighborhoods

When I am elected Mayor of Toledo, I will increase the amount of police officers from our current number of just over 600 officers to 700 in two years. I’m not talking about incremental increases of 40 new officers through new police classes, I am focused on leveraging the recent increases in city tax revenues and our projected savings through a more efficient city government operation to deal with the issue our city has been avoiding for years: police manpower. The reason people are complaining about the lack of police response is simple, we don’t have enough police officers on the streets. Right now, less than half of our 600 or so officers are actually on the streets. I’ll change that! We’ll rethink how we support our police officers by focusing on the numbers. 

We will make budgeting for more police an absolute must in my first two years in office. We’ll also rethink how we use our manpower to protect our streets. Let’s face it, over the last few years we’ve talked about data driven policing in Toledo. We’ve used cameras instead of officers to patrol some of our neighborhoods. Certainly technology has played a key role in this shift to data driven policing but the reality is, we moved in this direction because we lack the manpower to patrol our streets. I will move the city of Toledo back to people-driven policing. Let’s get more officers interacting with our citizens. Let’s rethink how we use our officers. Let’s rethink how we might use other trained support personnel for traffic enforcement and put our police officers back on the street to deal with the crimes our citizens are saying is their most pressing concern.

We’ll also rethink how we work with block watch and other citizen-activated programs to protect our neighborhoods. We will empower our neighborhoods to help make Toledo a safe place to live, work and play.


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The 2400 block of Portsmouth had street lights last night!! I was very surprised to see this. Whatever you did it worked. Thank you so much for your prompt attention and resolution to this on-going problem.

— Dana Pavlis