Streamlining Government.

Making Government More Efficient and Effective Via Technology

For the last five years, I’ve advocated for the Toledo Business Exchange. This is a program that will put many of our filing and permit functions online. It will also be an educational tool so whether you want to start a juice bar or expand a tool-and-die shop, you’ll learn online the zoning codes that pertain to your business, how to start the permit and inspection process, and all the little things a small business might not think of.

We’ll take a technology mind set to other areas of governance as well. In the private sector, I started one of the city’s first Internet dial-up companies. I was the first to hold my budget meetings online. I brought Eye Citizen to the city. This is a high tech police information system that sends select 911 calls right to your smart phone or computer. And I’ll look to the IT community to provide suggestions to make government work better for you.

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