Customer Centered.

A Focus On Serving Our Citizens.

As part of Rethinking Government, I’ll work to make sure we are customer centered. It’s a common sense idea, but it’s not happening now. Career politicians have no interest in changing the way they do business. Under my watch, we will start thinking about the 300,000 residents of Toledo, and not just the 3,000 city employees.

I will immediately stop transferring money from the Capital Improvement fund into the General Fund. Capital improvement dollars are your dollars and should be used for their intended purpose which is to pave our roads and fix other important infrastructure, not pay bloated city payrolls.

Many city employees DO work hard, and I plan to insure that hard workers are incentivized to do better, and that those who are not effectively serving the public move on. One final point; employees who retired and then were rehired…will be re-retired.

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