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We will populate this area with relevant news as warranted. In the meantime, we're keeping the content below from our mayoral race for now. Too much work was done by too many people to relegate all that good information to the "delete" file.

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Tom's Town Hall Series

The first Town Hall was a huge success! If you missed it you can check it out here

The second Town Hall was even better than the first! If you missed it you can check it out here

Find Your Voting Location

Don't forget, September 12th is a primary election day. You can find out where your poll is located by clicking here. This is a non-partisan election. That means no matter the party, the top two mayoral candidates advance and the top 12 city council candidates move to the general election in November. Thank you to everyone who has supported my efforts in my race for mayor.

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Waniewski Demands End to Misleading Political Ads by Kapszukiewicz

TOLEDO, Ohio, September 5th, 2017— Throughout the 2017 Toledo mayoral campaign, my opponent, Wade Kapszukiewicz has repeatedly tried to bruise my reputation by implying that I had something to do with the current mayor’s financial reporting problems, specifically the mishandling of $8.2 million. This has come as no surprise, he is simply reverting to the tricks of a career politician who is trying to buy this election through misleading political advertising funded by his deep pocketed donors. Unfortunately, it is just another example of business as usual in Toledo.

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A Day in the Life as Tom Waniewski

He’s a city councilman, mayoral candidate, and an average, everyday Toledoan. But, being on the campaign trail, and continuing his duties as councilman, there is no “typical day” for Tom Waniewski.

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Waniewski Strides to Largest Grassroots Movement

TOLEDO, Ohio—3,000 calls, 3,000 doors, all in 30 days. Tom Waniewski’s campaign for mayor has spent the last month hitting its stride targeting West Toledo. A fun and competitive environment can be found at campaign headquarters located at 1515 South Byrne Road.

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