Common Sense—Uncommon Leadership.

A Strategy For A Better Toledo.

As someone who has owned a successful business, I understand the value of having a strategic plan to set direction and priorities, measure progress, drive alignment and communicate important messages. As chief executive of Toledo, I will lead this city the same way I led my business—with a laser focus on fulfilling our mission and executing on our goals and objectives. I will do that using an organized, easy to follow strategic plan.

I have recently released a comprehensive plan for tackling many of Toledo's toughest challenges and leading our city forward. 

To learn more about my core strategy, please click here.

Below you will also find key issues that impact many of our citizens and my approach to tackling many of these tough challenges.

Focus Area One.

Rethink City Government

I am committed to cleaning up and leading City Hall with a focus on results—putting city government on a sound fiscal path while providing the citizens and businesses of Toledo with high levels of service.

I will accomplish this by:

  • Building a staff culture based on performance and accountability—rewarding innovation and hard work and removing inefficiency and ineffective bureaucracy. Learn more >

  • Taking a bipartisan approach to putting the city's long-term interests ahead of ANY political party or narrow interest group.
  • Investing in technology and updating antiquated systems to improve the efficiency and the delivery of city services. Learn more >

Focus Area Two.

Rebuild Neighborhoods

I will rebuild our neighborhoods with a thoughtful plan for infrastructure repair—from roads to water pipes, sidewalks to sewers. However, great neighborhoods are built on more than fresh pavement alone. Great communities and cities are built on neighborhoods that take pride in their homes and care for their neighbors.

Many of our neighborhoods, once vibrant and proud, are struggling with a number of challenges. For those neighborhoods, help is on the way. 

I will:

  • Immediately stop the transfer of money from our Capital Improvement account. Period! That will free up necessary dollars to fix roads and other infrastructure. Learn more >

  • Create a funding mechanism that engages neighborhood organizations and foundations for buy-in on projects that are right for them, right where they live. Learn more >

  • Return crime-ridden neighborhoods back to law abiding citizens. No longer will any Toledoan feel like a hostage in his or her own home. Learn more >

Focus Area Three.

Restore Confidence

Toledo and the region have much to be proud of. We will restore confidence in our region through strong leadership and a focus toward building a brighter future for each and every Toledoan. 

Businesses have been reluctant to locate to Toledo, or have moved away because of the chronic inefficiency, bureaucracy and lack of leadership and vision in city government. City departments need to work proactively for the benefit of both its residents and businesses, providing economic opportunity and growth to its citizens.

The city must get off the sideline and play an important role partnering with the private sector—helping fuel our downtown renaissance and the many benefits it will have for surrounding neighborhoods and the entire city.

I will accomplish this by:

  • Creating a staff culture where quality and service to ALL residents and businesses comes first through employee engagement and dedication. If you can’t serve the public, you can’t work for me.

  • Balancing urban planning with common sense regulations. We will stop hindering business growth, by supporting the entrepreneur and businesses, which will provide more and higher-paying job opportunities for all Toledoans.

  • Working with our suburban neighbors to insure our water supply—a catalyst for economic development and a basic necessity for families and businesses—is never threatened again. We must put our water supply on a sound operating basis. I am going to monetize our water plant, not politicize it, for the benefit of the entire community of northwest Ohio. Learn more >

During the campaign, I will be providing additional detail on each point, outlining my plans to deliver new levels of efficiency and service to the community. Please check back often. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Heard through the grapevine that the soft meter legislation passed.  Many thanks for being our champion on this matter.

— Judy Potter (Black and White Transportation)